Let’s get you confident with your money and start making it work for you.

Hey, I'm Judy

I LOVE to talk about money! I’m tired of money being so taboo. Are you? I created this platform for womxn to be able to share knowledge with each other so we can take back control of our financial lives.

Debt is so common in our society, especially for womxn of color. Without financial freedom, I have seen womxn get stuck in bad relationships they don’t feel able to leave and dead end jobs that don’t support their values or their wellbeing.

Banks and corporations are getting rich off of us. Do you want to learn how to stop giving them your money in interest from student loans, car loans and credit cards? It is possible. I have done it, and you can too.

You can have the freedom to do what you want with your life. Do you want to travel? Do you want to quit your job, to be an organizer in the cause you are most passionate about?

All of these things are possible if we work together as a community to share resources and knowledge, so we can start taking back our money and our lives. Keep reading to learn more.


Need help creating a budget, changing limiting beliefs around money, figuring out how to pay off debt, or save for a life goal, but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to develop better habits around your money and to know where it is going?

Would you like to create a custom plan for your money, as well as accountability to implement it?

I’m here. Find out if the Confident Money Club is the right program to help you.



Hear Me Finance is a safe space. We have nurtured an environment that provides accessible financial education for womxn and couples no matter their race, gender, age, sexuality, disability, religion or experiences. We are also proud to have an awesome internal team of women of color working across the world, who fiercely believe in this mission.

We’re all about recognizing the inequalities within society and how not everyone is afforded the same privileges. That’s why in the Hear Me Finance space we create education and opportunities for those from marginalized backgrounds, so that we can contribute towards real financial equity.

I also have a whole host of free or low-cost resources. This includes my blog where I share how to live a more frugal life while still living a life that you love. And I always have a kick-ass masterclass or IG Live on the go!

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