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Christmas Gift Ideas That are Experiences Rather Than Things

It is so easy to get caught up on having new “things” during the holidays. I feel that pull every year, and although there is nothing inherently wrong with that, sometimes we get so stressed out about affording and purchasing those “things” that we forget to go out and have fun with the people we

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My Favorite Christmas Decorations to Make At Home with Stuff You Already Own (For Free!)

Some of my favorite memories from the holidays are decorating our apartment and making homemade crafts together with my mom (besides baking. Check out this post for my favorite treats to make for the holidays). Over the years, I inherited people’s old Christmas decorations but a couple of years ago I donated most of them

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Everyone Will Love You If You Bake Them These Treats!

Save Money This Holiday Season by Gifting Baked Goods (Rather Than “Things”) Almost everyone loves a good baked good. Rather than buying friends or co-workers’ gifts this year, let’s get into the holiday spirit by spending some time in the kitchen creating wonderful smells and delicious treats to gift. Better yet, when your friends suggest

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