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Courses and Programs

Judy is a money coach who works with women and couples. Here are some of her signature programs to help you get your financial sh*t in order!

Basics of Investing

Join my masterclass to learn how to finally get some skin in the game so you can start building wealth. After this masterclass not only will you be ready to start investing… you will realize those finance bros don’t have anything on you!

It is WAY easier to get started investing than you think. You will walk away ready to open your first account and pick your first investment. 

Let’s do this!

An Ethical Investing Course

Investing can feel overwhelming. I thought it was a man’s game and I could never learn how to do it. Once I got over that initial fear I realized that not only was it possible to be a confident, successful investor but there were also options to invest based off of my values which was even more important to me. If you are ready to start building wealth as an investor this is the course for you.

Besides teaching you how to ethically invest you will literally learn almost everything there is to learn about investing. The men around you will be intimidated by your knowledge. 

Confidently Closing

Confidently Closing: The Comprehensive Guide to Buying Your First Home Without Losing Money is the ultimate resource to guide you through the home-buying process!

This PDF guide is available for immediate download upon purchase.

So many people lose SOOOO much money by not knowing the secrets the rich use to save thousands when going through the home buying process. With this guide you will finally get to take advantage of those secrets AND have your dream home   Get your guide today!

Crypto Masterclass

Are you tired of being left out of the conversation when your white male co-workers start talking about bitcoin? In this masterclass, not only will you finally understand exactly what the deal is with crypto but we will also go over the ethics of cryptocurrency so you can decide if investing in it is the right choice for you.

Stressed about money?

The Confident Money Club is a 3-month program designed to help women and couples become financially independent, pay off debt, and save enough money to live the life they have always dreamed of. In this program, you will learn everything you need to know about paying off your debts (yes, all of them!), create a budget that actually works for you, and feel confident about your financial future. 


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