How Decluttering Has Saved Me Money

A couple years ago I read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Although I felt like the book would help me save time cleaning and creating a less stressful space in my home, I didn’t realize is how much money I would save by going through the Kon Marie Method.

If you don’t know what the Kon Marie method is, the short version is this: you go category by category through every single thing in your house, put them in a huge pile and go one by one, examining each item. You only keep the ones that spark joy in that process. Some of the categories are books, kitchenware, clothes, etc…

It is a long process but so worth it. Here are ways that going through this process has saved me money:

1. I was able to shop my own closet. After getting rid of the clothes I didn’t like, I was able to find clothes that I actually loved but had totally forgotten about. It made me feel like I had a totally new wardrobe.
2. I found things that I forgotten about and organized them in a way where I would be able to find them when I needed them, rather than going out and buying more. This was especially helpful for categories like batteries, candles and soap.
3. Figuring out which objects sparked joy helped me better choose what to buy moving forward, opting to buy only things I knew would stand the test of time and avoiding all the rest.
4. I was able to realize how much I really had which made me very grateful and content keeping me from as much emotional spending as I had been used to in the past.

Have you tried the Kon Marie method? What did you think?

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