The Women of Color
Money Coach Academy


Have you ever

  • Wanted to start your own money coaching business but didn’t know where to start?
  • Struggled with bringing in consistent income as you figure out the early stages of your money coaching business?
  • Felt frustrated by or lost in the finance space because it’s mainly white faces?

What if you could 

  • Create a business on your own terms?
  • Sell out your 1-on-1 coaching program?
  • Learn how to build and scale a sustainable business?
  • Meet your group of business best friends for life?
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The MCA is for you

This is an exclusive program for women of color money coaches who are starting out. Whether you’re just about to launch your coaching and get your first paid clients, or you’ve already gotten started but want the tools to make your income consistent, Hear Me Finance welcomes you to this unique training academy designed specifically for women of color business owners.

Judy - Hear Me Finance

It's our time​

With the coaching space being overwhelmingly white, the Women of Color Money Coaching Academy is also a safe place for WOC coaches to discuss the unique challenges we face, both in the finance space and within our communities. It’s an opportunity to grow and learn with each other, and defeat the scarcity mindset that there is only room for one of us at the table. Because there is room for ALL of us to succeed.

This is a five-month program that includes:


  • Bi-weekly trainings led by your coach, Judy, to give you all of the tools you need to start consistently landing paid clients
  • Group Zoom calls every other week where each coach will get a turn in the ‘hot seat’ for on-the-spot coaching by the group on something they are struggling with


  • Each member also gets a monthly one-on-one coaching calls with Judy to pick her brain privately
  • Tons of bonus guest expert trainings including ‘How to gain visibility as a WOC in a white-dominated field’ and ‘How to manage your coaching business with a full-time job’ led by the amazing Cindy from @zerobasedbudget


  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group where you get a supportive environment and all of your money coaching questions answered not only by Judy but other powerful women and guest coaches in the mastermind
  • A bonus 15-minute SOS call with Judy when you are struggling and need support

Training Topics

Here are some of the interactive subjects we cover… plus SO much more!

How to have a kick ass discovery call

Make your sale on the call and lock in clients on the spot. 

do's and dont's of being a money coach

Understand your role as a money coach. What should you do? What are best practices? 

setting boundaries in your business

Learn how to get your clients to clearly understand your relationship and expectations so they are able to fully respect you and your time.

Client Wins

My name is Judy and I have been through a lot in my journey to financial freedom. For 11 years I worked as a union organizer, which I loved, but it was stressful. When I had to take some time out due to health reasons, I knew I had to build a new career for myself where I had control over my time.

I love talking about money, so I started exploring ways I could start a business with that at the center. It led to me coaching women of color on shrinking their debts and making serious savings. I also invested in myself by joining masterminds and getting coaching of my own, and with all those learnings, my sales catapulted. Within six months, my initial $1k months shifted to consistent $10k cash months, and I was even able to hire a small team of contractors to help keep things running smoothly as my business continues to grow.

I loved all of the masterminds I was in, but I still saw a gap. They weren’t talking about the issues concerning communities of color and how the finance space is taken over by white faces. I wanted to create an environment where women and minorities could feel safe in talking about the issues that impacted them when trying to build their businesses, but have access to everything I learned when I was building mine.

If you’re ready to build a successful business and make the money coaching space more inclusive, let’s do this thing! Join alongside other awesome aspiring women of color money coaches today.