Judy is a money coach who is obsessed with talking about money and putting people on the path to financial freedom.

After growing up with a vulnerable immigrant mother and experiencing financial abuse from her father – and later accumulating a lot of credit card debt in her 20s – Judy decided to take the reins of her life to steer her down the path of financial wellness. Now, she draws from her own experiences to help others do the same.

Coming from a background as a union organizer – fighting for low wage workers to get better salaries and benefits – Judy now loves coaching women and couples to pay off debts, negotiate down the cost of literally anything, create ‘escape funds’ to leave their jobs or their own financial abuse situations, maximize their finances. 

Some of the things Judy loves to shout about on her platform include:

  • How progressive and activist women can build wealth without the fear of becoming the “evil rich”
  • How to tackle a scarcity mindset (and the false beliefs most people have of what having abundance mindset actually means)
  • How women can learn to have the confidence of a white man (and why they should)
  • How to negotiate the cost of almost anything

featured press

new york times

Judy was featured in the New York Times alongside various millennials, sharing their money stories. She talked about the financial struggles she has experienced, as well as her successes; like paying off $11,000 in credit card debt and saving $20,000 during a no spend year.

I’m a Financial Expert: 3 Ways Gen Z Is Racking Up Debt and How To Stop
“Gen Z are bombarded by ads on social media daily and sophisticated techniques from corporations who study the psychology of buying, manipulating their minds to convince them to buy things to deal with the stress of their lives with the ‘treat yourself’ and costly self-care culture,” said Judy Esber, founder and money coach at Hear Me Finance. -- Excert from Yahoo Finance article.

"A personal finance coach and former union organizer says that you shouldn't listen to critics who say that ethical investing isn't a viable way to grow wealth, and that the ESG space is only expanding. Judy Esber believes investing should be holistic, and that growing personal wealth and helping your community do not have to be mutually exclusive." - Excerpt from Business Insider article

How to Align Your Money With Your Values
"Does your spending align with your personal values? To learn more about how you can ensure you’re putting your money toward the things that matter the most to you, we spoke with Judy Esber, a money coach and founder of Hear Me Finance." -- Excerpt from The Skimm article

Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast

Yo Quiero Dinero is a personal finance podcast for Latinas and people of color, who are traditionally underserved by financial organizations.

Her Dinero Matters

Keeping your dinero simple. Is this even possible? In this episode, you will get different perspectives on how Jannese Torres-Rodriguez and Judy Esber have changed their financial life for the better.

Battle of the Budget

Battle of the Budget– Judy discusses the ebbs and flows of her financial journey. 

Voyage LA

Heroica Guest Writer Article - The Basics of Investing, What You Should Know

In this article written by Judy she shares about the basics of investing.

Guest Trainings

Judy has been asked to speak to companies and non-profit organizations across the country. She offers group trainings on the basics of personal finance, budgeting, overspending, emotional spending, the basics of investing & ethical investing. 

“A nonprofit focused on the mental health effects of social media, with an emphasis on improving your ability to be present & thankful for your journey.” @thisimthankfulfor

“WICT’s mission is to develop women leaders who transform our industry. We educate, empower and advocate on behalf of women in media.” @wictsocal

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“The YWCA Berkeley/Oakland is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, developing leaders and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.” @YWCAberkley

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Judy is committed to giving people – women of color and children of immigrants especially – the financial education they deserve. 


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