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From Wallet to Wellness: How Women’s Financial Health Impacts Their Physical Well-Being

By guest expert Rebekah Berndt, BSN, RN When most women think about money and health, the costs of things like medical care, fitness classes, and good nutrition come to mind. What we often don’t realize is that financial well-being can have a huge impact on our bodies beyond these basic self-care needs. Research is increasingly

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The 411 on 529 College Savings Accounts

529 college savings accounts are a great way to save for the future for the younger generation. With the holidays coming up, let’s think about how to gift the children in our lives something that will contribute to their future financial freedom rather than a toy they will forget about in a month or two. 

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Should you read ‘The Financial Diet’?

I recently finished reading The Financial Diet: A Total Beginner’s Guide to Getting Good with Money.  Not every money book will be helpful for you depending on where you are at in your journey to financial freedom.  Keep reading to find out my thoughts on this book and whether it is right for you and

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