Private One-on-One Money Coaching


are you constantly stressed about where your money is going?

I hear you, and I’ve been there.

There is a huge lack of education around finances and budgeting for women. Nobody taught us what we needed to learn in school and our parents often refused to talk about it!

You haven’t had the resources to learn how to do this until now


– Are in debt but have no idea how much you owe (maybe you are even scared to look at the number).
– Have never created a budget and don’t know where to start.
– Struggle to keep to your budget and the goals you set, which makes you so frustrated!
– Want to learn the secret strategies that the rich use to make money.
– Have some money saved, but don’t know how to use it to secure your future and build the life of your dreams.


– Want to travel the world? (Paris, anyone?)
– Want to have the financial freedom to move out of your parents house plus have that Pinterest worthy place)
-Want to be so financially secure that you can take all the time off of work
– Want the freedom to use your money to make the world a better place?
Giving to the causes you want and maybe even taking time off of work to volunteer on that political campaign you are passionate about?



private coaching with judy


– Three Zoom calls a month for 3 months.
– Personalized program created for your specific needs.
– Private access to Judy through the free program Voxer during the three months for support and guidance.
– Access to every training Judy has made for previous clients.
– The Hear Me Finance signature budget spreadsheet.
– Access to all of Judy’s knowledge of the financial world.


– Develop a kick-ass budget and goals (that are easy peasy to stick to).
– Teaches you how to say ‘BYE, BYE, BYE’ to your debt!
– Provides you with financial education, breaking down the jargon so you no longer feel overwhelmed and out of the loop.
– Giving you the road map to navigate the complicated system of student loans, credit cards and investments so you are empowered to make ‘Girl Boss’ money decisions.
– Helping you bring in more moola, either through side hustles or negotiating that raise you deserve!
– Building a healthy abundant mindset around money (You know you deserve to be rich girl!)
– Sharing the secrets to becoming a conscious spending guru, where you decide where your money goes, not your mood or corporations and ads.

Judy has helped me make huge strides with my student loans and putting together my first ever budget. She is so pleasant to work with and she gives great advice on money management. While working together I have paid over $3,000 in student debt in less than a year making $11/hour. I would recommend her to anyone!

Nikki Z.
20 years old

stop letting money run your life!


It is okay to be scared of money. So many women can’t bear to look at their bank account and have no idea how much debt they have. That is totally normal. When we aren’t given the financial education we deserve, it makes sense that so many women would be scared of money. You are not alone, and over time you can turn that fear in to power. When we finally start talking about it, we realize that we are not alone and there is support. We can do this together. I am here to guide you through this process.


Ironically having money helps you make more money. The rich make money while they are sleeping. They don’t want you to know their secrets but guess what?! I’ve learned them and am ready to share them all with you! I want to teach you the tools that they use so you can finally be free.


Capitalism wants to tell you what to wear, how to look and what to buy. It is the trap that gets us in to debt in the first place. You can be free from capitalism’s grasp and take back control of your life. 

On this journey you also don’t have to make money in a way that hurts others. You can learn how to make money, save money and spend your money in a way that supports the environment, workers and future generations. I want to help you do that. 

“Judy is so fun, encouraging, and positive, yet able to deliver results. She has held my hand as I’ve taken the scary step of looking at my behaviors around money and productivity. Judy is compassionate, smart, and I really feel like she believes in me. Since working with her, I have made some big shifts. We started by looking at money, but quickly realized there were core issues around structure and commitment to habits that needed to be dealt with.

I have now increased my productivity and have seen an increase in paying clients for my business. We are in the process of turning my side hustle in to my full-time job.”

Rebekah Berndt


Judy is a former roller derby player and union organizer, fighting for low wage workers to get better wages and benefits. She is loves farmers markets, her little rooftop garden and her two gecko pets.

As the daughter of an immigrant she spent a lot of her 20’s confused about how to handle her money and pay off her student loans. After racking up $11,000 in credit card debt she decided enough was enough. 

She became debt free from over $20k in debt in 2015 and then helped her now husband pay of $40k of his student loans. 

She is now so financially secure that in 2019 she was able to quit her job to mostly lay on the couch and watch her favorite TV shows and movies but….. also to start her business Hear Me Finance. 

She now helps women and couples use the money they have as a tool to build the life of their dreams!

She wants you to have the financial freedom that she now has!


Investing in yourself is scary,
staying where you are should be scarier.

Did you know that: 

– Over 40% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for when they retire. (GoBankingRates)

– Two-thirds of Americans would struggle to scrounge up $1,000 in an emergency, according to The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

– Only 24% of millennials demonstrate basic financial literacy, according to a study from the National Endowment for Financial Education.

– A Gallup poll found only about 1/3 of Americans (32%) maintain a household budget


Judy is an incredible financial coach! As someone working in the labor movement, I work to ensure that communities of color and systems impacted people can access good, family sustaining jobs– but for some reason have been unable to ensure my own financial sustainability. Judy has helped me become more mindful of my budget, helped me change my habits so I cook more and eat out less, and help ensure I can take care of myself while helping others.

Abhilasha B.
25 years old